Comprehensive Eye Exams

Our experienced team of vision professionals is committed to helping all patients function visually at their optimum levels. A comprehensive eye exam is an important first step to learn about and address the eye treatment needs of patients.

Having difficulty seeing the whiteboard at school or reading street signs on the road? Frustrated by your inability to read text messages on your phone or the small type on pill bottles? Then it’s time for a vision check-up. Even if you’re not struggling with vision issues, we recommend you come in for an eye exam every year in order to detect and treat problems promptly. Healthy eyes and clear vision contribute to a good quality of life.

Dr. Kevin Voss is highly skilled in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of eye conditions of all types. Through a comprehensive eye exam, Dr. Voss evaluates the health of the eye inside and out, using a series of tests to check for eye disorders like glaucoma, cataracts or retinal problems. He also test for vision strength, to ensure you’re seeing as clearly as possible.

What’s surprising about eye exams is that optometrists sometimes uncover signs of underlying health conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure that go unnoticed until individuals have their eyes checked!

If the diagnosis isn’t so stellar, Dr. Voss will develop a plan for improvement that may include prescriptive corrective lenses and follow-up care.

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